Fertilizer Machine

Havalandırma İzolasyon
Havalandırma İzolasyon

3.5-5.5 m Inter Tree Subsoil Fertilizer Machine:

It provides the opportunity to throw the kg of fertilizer you want with our machines. Our machines are produced with hydraulic system. The tank cover and fertilizer throwing legs extend and shorten and adjust according to the tree intervals on the damper arm without leaving the tractor. The helix system has been used in the tanks and gutters of our machines. This machine enables fertilizers to meet leonardite (treated animal manure) soils. Fertilizer subsoil legs are disc and provide comfortable working in any soil structure (stony terrain). It does not damage and harm the tree root eaves.

MA1: Single fixed (260 Kg Capacity)
MA2: Single Elongated Hydraulics (260 Kg Capacity)
MA3: Single Elongated Hydraulics (260 Kg Capacity)
MA4: Double Work width Closed 2m Open 3m (260 Kg Capacity)
MA5: Double Work width Closed 2.5m Open 4m (180 + 180 = 360 Kg Capacity)
MA6: Double Work width Closed 3.5m Open 5.5m (260 + 260 = 520 Kg Capacity)

We can make changes and modifications on our machines at the request of our manufacturers. In case the fertilizer boilers are insufficient, we can add additional additions to the request. Calling our company and getting detailed information about our machines will make your job easier. Special machines are produced according to your order.