Mustafa Karakulle

About us

Our company was established in 2010 by Mustafa KARAKULLE. Mustafa Karakulle continues the production of Hydraulic Lift Valves, Directional Valves for Tractors, Hydraulic Steering for Tractors and Agricultural Vehicles as well as Hydraulic Components. At present, it offers hydraulic piston valves and shafts of all kinds of agricultural vehicles to the service of our esteemed customers without compromising the quality of the first day.

For Fertile Soils

Due to the unconscious excessive use of fertilizers in the soil due to its high Ph or soil (being limy salted), the lime layer formed in the soil prevents the roots from working. By disrupting the main structure of the soil, it prevents the development of the plant and reduces the yield. Powdered Sulfur is a natural substance, it is the only substance that kills Ph lime in the soil and prevents salting. It has no side effects to soil and plant. When the lime layers are destroyed in the soil where sulfur is used, the amount of fertilizer usage is reduced and the use of less fertilizer allows you to increase the productivity and the roots to work comfortably and healthily. It prevents pests under the ground (mouse, mole, snake etc.) from damaging the crop. When used in green plants and trees (red spider, black fly, liceworm, bird, fungal disease in trees), it provides protection against pests and diseases. It reduces your medication costs by 50%, energizes and ensures healthy development. Some of the products applied are: Melon, Tomato, Pepper, Cotton, Potato, Beet, Citrus and fungal plants and trees. With the experience of using sulfur for many years, it will be in the interest of our farmers and farmers to get detailed information from our farmers, Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and agricultural consultants.

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