Soil Lump Crushing Machine

Havalandırma İzolasyon
Havalandırma İzolasyon
Havalandırma İzolasyon

5.8m Folding Type Soil Lump Crushing Machine:

During the planting of all products such as Cotton, Corn, Beet, Cereals and Sunflower, after sowing seeds, when it rains, Our machines enable the seeds to rise and germinate on the soil surface by using the soil in the thick layer and lumped soils, which prevents the plant from growing and causing it to be. It prevents product loss. It is used for relaxation of the throats of seeds, which come out in spring. Our machines have independent legs and spring system. Each leg works independently according to its own spring and torque setting. It processes the whole field and do not leave any raw space.. It does not harm the product with the design of the charts on the feet.

MKK1: Soil Lump Crushing Machine
MKK2: Working width 3,5 mt Fixed
MKK3: Work width 4 mt Fixed
MKK4: Working width 4,5 mt Fixed
MKK5: Work width 5.8 mt Folding Type

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